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The World of Tech Spies

Information is Power and the one who holds information decides where this power will shift. Whether it is to win elections or crack multi billion dollar corporate deals, the crux of every successful power game is access to confidential data; data that can shift the wave, data that can incriminate and data that can make a man soar or grovel.

And its technology that ensures effective injection and ejection of information.

Political strategists and corporate lobbyists are the biggest kingmakers, deciding who is going to take the throne and in place of whom. One such strategic superman is Tal Hanan and Team George.

Journalists from 30 news media agencies carried a sting operation, backed by French organization Forbidden Stories. An expose on Team George and his warfare to make and break election results across the world. How does he do it? His team collects data, hacks into people’s lives and gets information, uses the power of digital media to launch targeted campaigns to manipulate public opinion for the benefit of intelligence agencies, political parties and business tycoons.

Manipulation is a part of any campaign. Using information and molding it through effective messaging to influence opinions is the work of any strategist. But some become a little too powerful. One such man is George aka Tel Hanan.

His state of the art software -AIMS ( Advanced Impact Media Solutions) can manage more than 30000 profiles simultaneously, Through AIMS thousands of fake social media profiles are created across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, Instagram, Youtube and Emails allowing users to create up to 5000 bots.

What do they do?

They create a false audience in massive numbers globally, to spread and manipulate information and influence public decisions. Their work is to locate the opponent’s soft spots and easy targets. They also get into people’s phones and computers and grab data. Their bots then get into action.

His work influences decisions in America, Britain, India, Greece, UAE, Switzerland, and Africa and he is on a mission to control the world and its decision makers.

The man behind Team George is no mean fellow. Tal Hanan was once a member of the Israeli Special Forces.

In 1999 he started his company Dimoman International. Securing an export license from the Ministry of Defense, he launched his cyber weapon into the world.

Espionage is married to warfare and has been since centuries. Informants were used to gather information to launch battles. Today these spies are softwares that act human and spread a million times faster than what a man of flesh and blood can do.

Pegasus had taken the world by storm and changed the wave of Indian elections. A sophisticated intensely powerful spyware tech that monitored the lives of unsuspecting citizens. It sneaked into their devices and lives and watched them like an unpleasant stalker. Team George is following suit.

Journalists from leading news agencies including Britain’s The Guardian, France’s La Monde, Del Spiegel and L’Paris, backed from Radio France, Haaretz and The Maker carried on an eight month investigation.

They sent journalists disguised as consultants to a country in Africa. They went with a false plea to postpone the vote of their country by any means. Between the months of July and December they had several meetings with the team of Tel Hanan. They met with the man and his team, virtually and later face to face in the “Modin” industrial area, 35 kms away from Tel Aviv.

Hanan introduced his team as “Graduates of Government Agencies”.

"We are now working on an election in Africa." We have teams in Greece and UAE. Working in 33 elections in different countries, we have succeeded in 27.’ claimed Hanan in the meeting. It was attended by four members including his brother Zohar, who was introduced as the CEO of the group.

He admitted that his power capsule AIMS has won over 17 elections worldwide. The secret footage revealed the entire strategic skeleton. His AIMS fake profiles names as “Avatar’ have accounts not just in all the leading social media platforms, they are crawling all over ecommerce sites -Amazon and Airbnb. Israeli media “Haartez” reported one such fake profile amongst millions. A supposedly white man based out of Sheffield , under the name “Kanilan” is one such fake profile disguised as a human.

A leaked report titled “The Battle of the World’s Most Powerful Cyberweapon” by New York Times claims that during Modi’s visit to Israel in 2017 , a bilateral deal of $150 billion, was signed to purchase Israeli defense along with intelligence surveillance equipment.

One such spy equipment was the infamous “ Pegasus” that supposedly acted as a major propeller for BJP.

If one has to listen to BJP’s opposition Congress, more than 18000 Twitter accounts are spreading news to show BJP in a better light to the public.

When it comes to power play ,manipulation and spying will continue. The question however is , what will happen to the safety of the general public who are reduced to mere puppets in the hands of these power brokers?

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